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Useful Tips

Tips from Charmaine's desk to Prospective sellers:-

The following is a list of documents and information that you should prepare when listing your property for sale:

Essential Documentation & Details

  • Copy of the original Title Deed.
  • Identity documents of both parties.
  • Marriage Certificate & ANC contract (if applicable).
  • Most recent property rates bill (or account number).
  • Most recent utility bill.
  • Most recent Electrical Clearance certificate. Electric fences need a certificate too.
  • Most recent Borer/Beetle Certificate
  • Lenders name, address, phone, contact person, mortgage account number and present balance.
  • If there are other loans/mortgages against the property, supply information as above.
  • If property is held in a Trust, provide name of trustee, trust account number and contact information.
  • Your attorney's name, address and contact number.
  • Other supportive documents.

Contact information:

  • Your contact numbers and e-mail address
  • Spouse contact details and e-mail address
  • Neighbours or family member contact details


  • Brochures/information about your property
  • Attractive, exterior photos of your house in other seasons
  • Your thoughts on special features of your home or community
  • House keys

For flats and Townhouses:

  • Body corporate management and Conduct rules
  • Body Corporate Certificate of Insurance
  • Body Corporate current budget
  • Contact person name and address of Managing agents
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